Thursday, 29 September 2016

What can home care professionals in Encino provide for seniors

Caregivers in Los Angeles are very much in demand from seniors that are interested in staying in their home as long as possible. Home care in Encino is an excellent option for many seniors as it can help them to retain their independence over time. Home care professionals can provide a number of different non medical care solutions as well as act as an in-home representative for emergency care prevention. Here are some of the top services that home care professionals can provide for seniors:

Assistance with dressing/ bathing: assistance with bathing and dressing can really help to prevent the chance for a potential accident that could befall a senior or seriously injure them. Preventing falls and providing assistance with tough tasks like bathing and dressing can help to keep seniors more independent and healthy.

Oral care support: Some seniors find it difficult to maintain their oral health including flossing and brushing. Home care professionals can assist with oral care, grooming and toiletry support. This can lead to better hygiene standards and improved overall health.

Mobility support: home care professionals can also provide support for mobility. This can allow seniors to get out to shop, get around the home or easily as well as exercise more readily. Assistance with walking or getting into a wheelchair can improve standards of health and prevent falls.
Support around the home: home care specialists can also assist with transportation, meal preparation, housekeeping duties, laundry, changing sheets, shopping and more. It's these types of support tasks that can really give seniors more energy and improve quality of life.

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