Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Helping and Supporting People Living With Dementia

Dementia is a condition that causes gradual degeneration of the brain, making changes in its functioning. The condition is caused by abnormal buildup of certain of proteins in the brain. It is also caused by disruption of the blood flow to certain parts of the brain.

The condition influences the patient’s behavior, communication, and the body’s physiological functions. Understanding the condition helps in supporting the individual with the illness. Here are a few tips to go about helping the sick.

People with dementia may have problems finding the right words in a conversation, speaking fluently, reading, writing, expressing emotions and understanding what is being said. They may ignore what you are saying irrupt or lack the normal interaction in conversations.
  • Have their eyesight and hearing checked to ensure that they are not the cause.
  • Avoid conversations in noisy areas.
  • Give them time to respond.
  • Use simple language when explaining yourself.

Behavior changes 
The dementia patients may at times be aggressive, sometimes worried and sometimes depressed. As for aggression,
  • Look at what triggers the outburst and deal with them.
  • Hide items that might hurt you and the patient.
  • Protect yourself in any way possible including leaving the house momentarily.

As for confusion 
  • Try not to take them in unfamiliar areas unless absolutely necessary.
  • Install nightlights and cues for them to find their way to the rest room.
  • Consider hiring a caregiver to help them with taking their medications. There are home health care agencies in Los Angeles that can help with this.

Make reminders on notice boards to help them remember what needs to be done 

As for memory loss:
  • Have them carry identification documents bearing their names and contacts of nearest family member at all times
  • Install smart energy management systems to manage lights and cut off power for other appliances

Consider having a caregiver at home
Even after taking taken all possible precautions, consider having qualified professional(s) at hand to help. Home health care agencies in Los Angeles offer medical attention, caregiving, and companionship for your dementia patients. Since the condition does not have a cure, support and medication to deal with symptoms is the best way to manage the condition.

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