Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Why should you consider home care in Studio City?

If you have an elderly relative or friend that should require senior care in Culver City or home care in Studio City, how do you know you are making the right decision? There are a number of indicating factors that could be time to consider home care in Studio City. Here are some of the top science that it may be a good idea to get an on-call care provider for a senior relative or friend:

Lacking nutrition: if you happen a friend or relative has limited supplies in their cupboards, seems to be losing weight and seems to be relatively sick at all times, this could be an indication that they are malnourished. When seniors find it difficult to get out of the home or read expiration dates, this can put their health at risk. With the help of a home care professionals seniors can eat a more balanced diet.

Frequent falls: falls in senior citizens can have a huge impact on health. If a senior citizen that you know has difficulty supporting themselves or monitoring their motor skills, this can lead to frequent falls which can result in life-threatening injuries. Preventing falls means having an emergency contact or on-call nurse that can provide mobility support.

Forgetfulness/ personality changes: forgetfulness and personality changes can sometimes lead to problems with health. When seniors forget their medication, fall into depressive symptoms and experience other forgetfulness and personality changes this can be signs of dementia. Problems with
memory effectiveness can lead to issues of health later on. With the help of in home care support, seniors can receive the assistance they need to maintain a healthy standard of living.

Keep some of these top symptoms in mind for why you should consider home care in Studio City or senior care in Culver City. Contact AAA TLC for more information on the best home care professionals in this area.

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